Sunday Afternoon Photo Challenge

OKA One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge-July 2022


with thanks to Kate at for the image.

Photo by Maddie Franz on

Here’s the pic i’m going to play with – strange we get more Grey’s than Red’s in Salford (Northwest England being the stronghold of the Reds at present) – but i like this one.

Art Filter Photoeditor : Watercolour Edit by Inky

Art Filter Editor : Stained Glass Effect Edit by Inky
Art Filter Editor : Mixed Stained Glass Effect by Inky

8 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Photo Challenge”

  1. What a perky fellow! The effects are all very cool, I think my favorite is the one in the middle.I’d not heard of Inky before.

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    1. I am HE! came across One-to-three’s challenge and thought i’d give it a go. Thanks for taking a look. You can check my other photo stuff by clicking on my photography tab.

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  2. As County and City fan, I enjoyed your comment of Salford being ‘the stronghold of the Reds at present.’ I got it! 😀

    Not many reds (squirrels) around the Glasgow area either, but they are making a comeback , I believe, in the northern reaches of the country. I think maybe coz of the availability of pine cones?


  3. There are areas of the northwest designated as “Red Squirrel Habitat”. Sad thing is – in those places the Grey’s are being killed off, leading to a bit of an exodus by the greys (into towns and cities)


  4. I like the Stained Glass Effect Edit.

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    1. cheers for taking a look fandango….I’m more into taking the photos than editing, so its great to know people like the stuff i post

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