Rush hour III

The trees are bending moving to a western tune played by coming wind rolling autumn leaves around tarmac cul-de-sacs to the alley’s end follow the brown leaves and you find them piled up high by a pelican some decide to rest whilst others run the gauntlet towards the river final resting spot ? answer toContinue reading “Rush hour III”


#CYW #Chestnut 6th November 2019 Coming from two trees that hold its name Horse and Sweet varieties exist Each Autumn kids can be found playing games with conkers Sweet fare created from the conkers sibling Tartlets and pies and they’re even used at the Christmas table Note however – you can’t eat the conker UnlessContinue reading “Chestnut”

Octpowrimo – Seeing

#Octpowrimo #Seeing Look down the path – and what do you see ? cascade of colours moved by the autumn breeze or cold bare branches, bending in the wind ? I can see an opportunity to be the first person through the leaves – before the snow 🙂

Back of a Leaf

J  #C&BW A Simple leaf , on the tarmac and gravel of the car park of #BASIC, the brain and spinal injury centre in Salford. Fallen by the wind, or the passing of time with the coming of autumn, this humble leaf gave me another chance to create something special. Been messing around with theContinue reading “Back of a Leaf”

Four elements from nature

#discoverwp northern winds bring the clouds to the British isles over the hillsides they come and droplets fall rivers and streams flow down hill, over the terrain containing the minerals in the ground hot coals keeping miners cottages warm everybody expects an icy blast this time of year, rainbows ,Christmas trees, and snowmen, an addedContinue reading “Four elements from nature”

Changing of the seasons

Whilst walking Through the city green I saw the leaves turn from Green to brown And watched as they Drifted on the wind Through the town Local birds are confused Amassed on the tops And squirrels they wonder Why their food has all dropped It’s much too early And not too late So why goContinue reading “Changing of the seasons”

The Cruellest Month

#Blogging101 #Napowrimo #weather #seasons #autumn #acrostic #nature   Of the twelve, I see October as the worst Coming after September, it’s when the winds begin to brew The trees lose their leaves, turning brown, blossoms die away On the floor they lie, bereft – victim of an attack Brought by winter’s messenger – autumn EveryContinue reading “The Cruellest Month”