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  • Good Companion

    Good Companion

    Been looking through my old notebooks again, and found a scribble in relation to the Orange One-Man Tent I was assigned during my time as a scouter with the 90th Salford.  The title of the poem relates to the name of the tent – which I slept in on campsites in Greater Manchester, Cheshire , […]

  • A Tale of Old Boots

    These Boots Were Made for Walking March 2011 In a part of the corridor, just by the stairs by the front door, lies a pair of Old Black Boots. It’s been quite a while since they have been walking. And if their owner were truthful – they could do with a bit of a clean.  The […]

  • Another Great British Write Off

    I’ve been published again…. The latest edition from the Great British Write Off,  came through my door This very morning. It contains writings from the various authors at Forward Poetry, and each author in the book has a chance of a prize bundle and a cash prize. All the poems had a theme based around the […]

  • Writing Spaces

    In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Writing Space.” I find nowadays, its not so hard to find a place to sit down and write. Lets look at today, Its a relatively clear November Morning in Salford, its quiet – not much traffic on the nearby road outside – and right at this moment – […]

  • A Tale of Old Boots

    In a part of the corridor, just by the stairs by the front door, lies a pair of Old Black Boots. It’s been quite a while since they have been walking. Their leather is worn from the passing of time and many a moorland excursion. Lakeland water now pools at the toes.But they still feel […]

  • Over the Coals

    several sausages sizzle in the Noonday Sun awaiting a bap Hamburgers announce readiness with aroma as the coals they glow Seasonings ? Brown or Red Little people line up in Anticipation and over the grill the most important question onions or pickles?—by-InkdropK

  • Fires a Burning

    Another piece for the daily post prompt Smoke also appears at The sun went asleep, upon the moon break and the light from a match began to awake starting to burn the bark from a tree whilst little one’s watch with their cuppas with glee The bark it alights and begins to glow, producing […]

  • Snowman

    A Gold winning poem on a snowman – enjoy Out in the Garden the white stuff does blow winter’s construction kit (i’m talking of snow) And out in the garden, the kids have a plan to create something brilliant in the form of a snowman The snow piles high as he begins to take shape […]

  • The Mountain

    A Bronze-winning Acrostic (written by me) from Allpoetry Maybe you would think it foolish, Over hills and across dales he went with his tools Under ridges and across crags – all to Navigate the ultimate prize Towards greatness he headed And facing torrents of wind and rain Ice and snow – and occasional blizzard, he […]

  • Ode to a Kite

    With the last rays of summer making their way on the horizon in Europe, the mercury retreating, the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees – as well as a pick up in the wind speed it’s been a perfect time to go Kite Flying…so I’ve written this little poem in honour of all […]