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  • Up / Down

    Up / Down

    #Socs #Up #Down I The sky and stars are yours rising to new heights where you want to go is all up to you maybe one day you’ll make it to the moon II Keeping your feet on Terra Firma – was always your best idea – sinking your feet down into nice warm sand […]

  • Hungry postbox

    Hungry postbox

    Salford, 15th March 2021 – from a writeclub prompt “A postbox is a box that eats socks“ There’s a reason why they are red. Just before night fall – the humans put the washing out in the hope they’ll be dry in the morning the crows cry out – but everyone’s asleep as the poor […]

  • Enjoying the chaos

    Enjoying the chaos

    #MLMM While the storms are heading for the city walls and the fog’s creeping in you’re oblivious to it all, watching visual anaesthesia on your devices of fun walking past the chaos and destruction enjoying the feast of fun provided by your masters

  • Heads or tails

    #Socs #toss a piece on a coin toss for #Socs by inky 50:50 – I think that’s what they call it chances of you picking the right side of the coin It seems so plausible – there’s only two choices but like a smaller version of a roulette wheel the fates are rising and falling […]

  • Causeway


    #Writephoto #Causeway Created as a path across the water a stretch of sand , gravel or road usually gets wet when the tide comes in or sea or river levels rise especially after really bad storms when that happens – its advisable to take another route – or else you’ll do more than get your […]

  • Drastic Haircut

    In order to save their bosses some cash the boys in charge of pruning on the posh side of the road gave the walkways arbors really serious hair cuts people were amused (or aghast) as the trees they walked past cautiously walking over in their shoes, pumps or boots raised bricks caused by lumps of […]

  • Barbecue

    #Fowc #Barbecue Best Beef Sausages Are happily sizzling over Roasting hots coals Beefburgers drip hot fat in Expectation of sizzling onions Currently cooking on a skillet, while Up on the far table – next to the sesame seeded buns Every kind of sauce and relish imaginable – they’ve even got Curry!

  • Shadow V.3

    #FOWC #Shadow A response by inky to Fandango’s One word challenge Sunshine’s monochrome friend Heavens Universal to animal, bird, reptile and human As the sun shines its beams – it appears on the floor Disappearing when the clouds cover it up Of course – they disappear When the sun goes behind – reappearing on a […]

  • Productive

    #Fowc #Productive #Art Positioned on the canal bank ready with brush in hand opposite his subject matter days of careful planning up along the waterside – initial sketching crafted out this creation the money spent ? the time invested irrelevant – it’s all down to the viewer and whether they like it or not effort […]

  • Challenge 30 – no 5

    “Abstract ” #abstract #art #technology Creating summat out of the ordinary from something ordinary Created from my computer, watch and android phone And captured and “mucked around with ” by my ipad If I were to give this piece a title, I’d call it “watching over obsolescence”