Roman Wall & Sheep_PaintingAncient


by B.F. Kirkham

Salford, 20th October 2016


Among the Modern tower blocks

and chic café quarters

the old bricks tell tales

of the city history


Listen very carefully,

and beyond the sounds

of modern cars

different wheels are turning


Steam whistles pipe

as the engine wheels turn

and locos roll on

like it was yesterday


Aircraft await

their signal to move

ready to go

with a simple jump


Whilst across the road

Legions Amass by Roman Bricks

Preparing to March

Down Liverpool Road


And Young Glass buildings

Smile in the night

Breaking the silence with juvenile quips

“Hey Grandad….You’re Ancient!”

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  1. Life Memoirs Blog

    Perfectly depicting ancient glory

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    1. inkdropk

      Thanks for reading!

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      1. Life Memoirs Blog

        it’s my pleasure

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