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Off on another Bee Hunt

Manchester 26th July 2018

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“We’re going on a bee hunt”….Winnie-the-Pooh in Manchester,  July 2018

I took myself off on a Metrolink today, on the search for more Bees on the #Beesinthecity trail

The tram took me into Manchesters centre…but i stopped at Manchester Central where i spotted the first of my city bees

All of the photographs were taken in the city centre with my Nikon D3100….enjoy!


Creating a #Buzz at Manchester Central

Bling Bee outside Manchester Central
Buzzwig van-Beethoven, outside the Bridgewater Hall
Buzzi, by the central library
This is Manchester!
Rutherford Bee, celebrating science
Dazzle Bee, in the Atrium of Central Library
AuBee, outside Piccadilly Station
Rubee, in Piccadilly Gardens


Bee United, Outside Old Trafford


Acrostic Art Arts

City of Culture


A reaction to the many museums, theatres, art galleries and sports venue in and around my home town


Music of many kinds can be found on my doorstep

Artworks adorn many a wall – external as well as internal

Northern writers practice their craft

Coming as they do – into the beating

Heart of the conurbation

Expect the beating heart of this vibrant city to

Seek out its poetry set in its roman walls and walkways

Telling tales of its heritage, and past

Everyone outside the city think they know everything there is to know of that place

Round the Mancunian motorway – Its all about the football isn’t it ?

! They would be wrong !

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Roman Wall & Sheep_PaintingAncient


by B.F. Kirkham

Salford, 20th October 2016


Among the Modern tower blocks

and chic café quarters

the old bricks tell tales

of the city history


Listen very carefully,

and beyond the sounds

of modern cars

different wheels are turning


Steam whistles pipe

as the engine wheels turn

and locos roll on

like it was yesterday


Aircraft await

their signal to move

ready to go

with a simple jump


Whilst across the road

Legions Amass by Roman Bricks

Preparing to March

Down Liverpool Road


And Young Glass buildings

Smile in the night

Breaking the silence with juvenile quips

“Hey Grandad….You’re Ancient!”

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A busman’s holiday

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Rochdale, 9th April 2016

Rochdale Town Hall, Greater Manchester


I’ve been busy today.

My little sister called on Mum and Dad to look after my nephews this weekend, which meant I’ve been home alone … I filled my time this Saturday by taking a little trip on one of the new lines of Manchester’s Metrolink System.

Rochdale Pioneers Museum


Upon landing in Rochdale town centre, I took a walk through the town market and saw the restoration of Rochdale’s historic bridge, which crosses the river roch, which gives the town its name. I reached the Pioneers Museum on Toad Lane (Catchy Name!), which gave a comprehensive tale of the Co-operative society, its aims , values and people behind it in its infancy.  It reminded me upon arrival of Matthew Tomlinson’s shop in Lark Hill Place in Salford.  The Museum’s front door was dressed  as if you were back in time in the 19th Century, and beyond that weights and measures of the time were displayed as you were greeted by an original counter marked out with the 7 principles of the Rochdale pioneers…

As part of the first world war centenary – there was a lot of focus on what families sent to loved ones out on the front line as well as tales of the co-operative staff sent out to serve on the allied lines during the war.

There was also a section in the museum on the Pioneers work with the Woodcraft folk, an organisation similar to the scouts, without the early military aspect.

Oldham Museum and Art Gallery


I got back on the tram at Rochdale station and headed for my next stop, Oldham Gallery.  which was brimming with artworks from renowned artists from Oldham and the surrounding area.  I enjoyed looking at the paintings, and the sculpture studio was a pleasant surprise – the bronze of LS Lowry raised a grin.  Equally the tales of famous sons and daughters of Oldham made me smile, and there was a brief military exhibit in relation to the first world war – as part of the centenary celebrations organised by the Imperial War Museum*.  I had to hold my stomach to get through the taxidermy exhibit though….Might be nice to look at, but Owls and Birds of prey should be flying over the Pennines – not be on display in it’s museums.

I raised a smile at the wall of famous sons of Oldham – I am a fan of Eric Sykes’ comedy and enjoyed reading his story in the museum, I liked the goon shows he helped write with Spike Milligan.

I finished the visit off by having my lunch in the Museum Café ….A lovely sandwich salad – Really nice food and friendly staff.  After a brief walk around the town centre and enjoyed the Pennine views, I headed for home with my memories of the day stored on my camera. Best bit of the day enjoying the pennine views and the lovely gardens in both of these Lancashire towns.

*small addendum – I volunteer at the Northern Branch of the Imperial War Museum during the week, so it was great to see what other museums were doing as part of the centenary celebrations.


Cooking Food Fruit Garden Poetry


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That tin you’re opening
did you know?
That soup or sauce
took time to grow

Grown from plants, with heritage of state

Moneypenny and Windsor – varieties on plate

Seasoned and cooked up by chef in a pan

Creating a lunch tasty to plan
From a small plant,
with its roots in the ground
taking its food from
nutrients around.

Sun and the Rain,
kept the plant warm and fed
as it established itself
in its warm soil bed.

And fruits of green
did appear on the plant,
they took time to ripen
time nature would grant.

And as they got bigger,
the fruits took on a rich red,
and the tomatoes were taken
from their leafy green bed.

Added to salads or pasta in sauce
and tasty as used in a pizza of course

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The Roman Wall

Roman Wall & Sheep_Painting
Roman Wall & Sheep_Painting

A Tale inspired by the re-constructed Roman fort at Manchester’s Urban Heritage Park – Castlefield.

Ave! Dear old Friend!

Welcome, sit down.

Rest your feet for a while in our Garrison Town.

You’ve arrived at Mamuncium

Our “Castle – in – the – Field”

In a place, where we Romans

Don’t often yield.

We have a great legion,

Five hundred men strong

to service the Emperor Hadrian’s wall

which in truth , that’s quite long

And when sun’s down we head off to Deva

to go and have fun for the night

Relaxing after a hard days soldering

watching the gladiators fight.

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Standing Statues

The Cargo cranes of Manchester Docks, captured on my camera and
The Cargo cranes of Manchester Docks, captured on my camera and “Drawn” using photoshop – Now a happy memory as the cranes are no longer there. Captured and Created by the author.

A tale of the old cargo cranes that once stood proud by Ontario Basin on Salford Quays.

They stood side by side
On the edge of the basin
Dressed in their regal blue
The sky above as clear as day
With the sun reflecting their noble form in shadow.
Once giants of the waters edge
Two Colossus of their time
Lifting precious cargo from ships from far and wide

The mighty ships have left now
No longer passing by.
Stopping now at another destination.
The birds in the skies the cranes only friends
As new craft live in their basin
Their noble arms no longer needed
As the boats are too small now
For them to give aid.

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Revisiting Heritage sites

I’ve been looking over my notebook this morning and a common theme seems to have taken place.

My love for pen drawing (not taking photographs of) places I’ve been to…

Roman Ruins, Oledeniz

Whilst I was on holiday in Turkey, the lagoon beach on Oledeniz gave me lots of opportunities to capture the surroundings around me.  And whilst i’m not an avid sunbather – I had plenty of time to develop a tan while I was doing it.

The drawings are of the Roman Ruins near to the Lagoon area of Oledeniz.  They have been well preserved and are now offset against the beach clubs and sandy beaches of the hotels in the area.  Old Roman Bricks now settle with Turkish Flowers and Sun Loungers, and it was wonderful to see.

Roman Ruins 2, Oledeniz

In some places the local wildlife used the piles of marble as a cool hiding place from the sun.  Aside from the sun, the area reminded me of Castlefield’s Roman Wall…but without any of the facelift!