Time Team 2117

Digging Up Your Digs Amongst the mass of paper the tools of this man’s trade old typewriter – style laptop and camera – 1990s grade Books – you’d call them classics Kipling, Hawks, Horwood, and Fforde ? Sharing a space with this writer I’m sure its a kind of reward Doodles and paintings a plenty conservedContinue reading “Time Team 2117”

Billy the Conqueror

Conquer   Could it be fate, that at 11.06 a new king of the schoolyard was crowned ? In a Hastings school conquest with the town folk watching Harry saw his hopes and dreams shatter into a hundred different pieces over the tarmac floor But unlike his namesake – he didn’t get any in hisContinue reading “Billy the Conqueror”

Standing Statues

A tale of the old cargo cranes that once stood proud by Ontario Basin on Salford Quays. They stood side by side On the edge of the basin Dressed in their regal blue The sky above as clear as day With the sun reflecting their noble form in shadow. Once giants of the waters edgeContinue reading “Standing Statues”

The Field Gun

A poem about the Field Gun, that fired the first shot of World war I. Normally on display at Imperial War Museum North, in Trafford, It’s currently on tour around the commonwealth as part of World War I Centenary Celebrations. It sits in its home on Parade its seats as clean as on the day itContinue reading “The Field Gun”