Category: Poetry

  • Sounding like Granny

    #memories #Writeclub Sounding Like Granny A reflection on your elders by inky Because mum and dad were working i headed off to grampa’s for afternoon tea granny put on a really nice table and the best of it all it were free enter two young uncles from upstairs who would grumble with grampa on the […]

  • Variables

    #fowc #variables When baking – like most things in life it’s important to realise not everything has to stick to the recipe now, flour, butter and sugar in set amounts, will make up your cake mix – but you are not going to count every chocolate chip going into the cake – enjoy the surprise […]

  • Quiet Rebellion

    you wouldn’t think there was anything going on the doors of power were closed teas and cakes were on sale in the cafeteria but while they were noshing on chelsea buns a plot was taking place not exactly the night of the long knives but effective nevertheless

  • The Lonely Swan

    #writephoto housesitting when ma and pa have gone on holiday They’ve taken their grandkids somewhere sunny and warm and though i’ve got the nest all to myself sometimes i wish i didn’t The geese are out though and they’re having fun so i’ll spend time with them in the afternoon sun.

  • The Whiff

    The Whiff

    You hadn’t a clue what you were buying till your nose grabbed the whiff coming down the lane Cooking away in the finest of fats Chunky chipped potato and the finest fish caught this morning But it wasn’t these fragrances grabbing you by the nosehairs more the delightful smell of vinegary vapors travelling through the […]

  • Why?


    #Socs #Why Why? The question that never gets answered dominoes topple as answers given get followed up with the same question and you find instead of a straight road it’s bent and formed to something circular where your answers lead back to the obvious question Why

  • One to three photo challenge – Sept 2022

    #tsc1to3 New month, new image from the chaps at I liked the image as it reminded me of campfire nights with the scouts. Brushstrokes (oldmaster) applied by Inky

  • Glass Heart

    #writeclub I suppose you could call it fragile And perhaps you could call it hard passed to the one you love and care about most but they’ll have to take care for events in this tangled love match might see it fall and ultimately – break

  • Who’s Dat?

    Who’s Dat?

    #wdys Living up in the hills you could call it a bleak existence but the horses who lived there didn’t mind at all “Hey Mum!” said the foal to his mother “why’s that bale of hay floating up the hill ?” his mother smiled, as she thought for a while and kept nice and still […]

  • Fledgling

    #writephoto Falling with style, is what his brothers and sisters would have called it landing on the garden grass with a bit of a bump. except now – he’s finding it a little difficult to make it back to the nest ground level has more dangers to encounter even shelter from the raindrops was hard […]