Re-entry to Reality

#Writeclub #Lockdown

Written by Inky on 25th August as part of a writeclub exercise.

They say its back to normal
no matter what the lab says
its time to get back to business
and money making ways

But walking round the lanes and streets
it seems the people that you meet
haven’t quite grabbed the ministers task
they’re walking around – still wearing a mask

And they’re calling the vollies, that mightiest of crews
to aid in a time, of the grimmest of news
but watch as the grimace begins to show
when co-ordinators all are told, sharply, no.

Perhaps they’ll find that antidote
and maybe they’ll think – next time they vote
for walking around with the bug in the air
instead of thinking of health – its piggybanks there

Animals Poetry Zoo


#Fowc #Encounter #Rhino #Zoo

Armour Plated cousin of

Our dear old friend the horse

Lives off lots of green stuff

and fruits and berries of course!

With that great big horn on the end of his snout

you’d be careful when he starts running about

but he’s friendly to all who visit his lawn

and the keepers who look after his shiny white horn



#6WSP #Sixwords

That Final Piece of the Jigsaw….



#fowc #odd

Out of the Ordinary ? – Perhaps

Definately what you would call – one of a kind

Doing things against the norms

Of all in its number

Destined to be uniquely on its own

Divide it – there’ll always be something left over

Colours Insects Poetry

Outrageous Orange

If anyone saw your recklessness

bounding from flower to flower

pinching the finest nectar from each one

I’m pretty sure – they’d be shocked

no wonder the bees are fed up

but people see your pale orange wings

and just smile

not knowing you’ve just done a heist in the garden



#Fowc #Drain

Delving down the plughole

revolving in a never ending spiral

as the water travels

in perpetual motion

night after night, down the pipes towards the cleaning plant



#covid19 #lockdown

I see little things as dominoes

The announcement was huge

This little bug – took down a city

Symptoms can be remedied

but there’s no cure
So they’re sending you to the soccer stadium

but not to watch a match
Games all cancelled – No Football today

Star players sit in distanced tv studios

discussing past professional glories

while the men and women in scrubs – ponder

Museums all up and running on line –

while physically closed

Isolation ? Not entirely

Getting Education and Religion

through the airwaves

Acrostic Food Poetry

By the Hundreds

#SocS #Bythehundreds #Sweet

Hundreds and Thousands : Stock Photo from Dissolve

Held in a container and kept

Up on the same shelf as the glace cherries

Numerous sweet strands wait for the

Day they decend on the fairy cakes

Rainbow Rebellion? no…more like decoration

Each one looking forward to the

Decadent day they add a spot of colour to the

Sweet icing they land on

Stream of Consciousness Saturday Banner
Nature Poetry


#Writephoto #Tokens

In a rock garden, secluded away from the weather

a hardened young magpie, is out to make things better

he’s building up a place, for his mate to lay eggs

or simply for somewhere to rest her legs

and with things he’s located about and around

he’s decorated the nest site and the surrounding ground


Change in the weather

Salford, 28th August 2020

The bird’s seem to have got the message

The mercury is in retreat

A nip in the air – you’re feeling

As you’re heading down the street

Clouds of grey are gathering

waiting for their time

to sprinkle their raindrops down on the ground

blocking out the sunshine

And while cold air for autumn

seems to be the norm

our feathered friends have headed off

someplace tropical and warm

Don’t Fret though – as soon as the sunshine burns

those feathered friends, who flew off will return

land with little uns – who will have grew

onto a patch of green grass nearby you