Category: Poetry

  • Caught out

    Caught out

    #FFFC Another Summers Afternoon Another English town The office staff dreaming of beaches and getting a tan brown But instead they’re inside baking as sun shines through the glass they’re wanting the clock to move faster as seconds and minutes pass Fans are a helpful friend today cooling as they blow but as the work […]

  • A Kestrel Came Calling

    #birds #kestrel #poetry A Kestrel came a calling on a summers Sunday morn it was on a hunt for squeakers as its chicks had just been born A Kestrel came a calling diving on the roof pinching the spoils of the locals attacking with claw and tooth A Kestrel came a calling the neighbours wondered […]

  • Dialect

    #lancashire #sayings There’s been trouble at Mill this morning the chaos has been obvious to see the cook in the kitchen is flummoxed as someone has messed up works tea See the barmpot of the mill came a calling to see what their having for lunch and he’d switched the lamb leg for smoked haddock […]

  • The Curtain Wall

    #writephoto It stretched as far as the eye could see mounted by plenty of sentries keeping their eye on the enemy spots and also the weapons that they had got protecting the soldiers and villagers there the sentries were bold – and really aware armed with bows and spears that would cut ensuring the gates […]

  • Sunflowers


    The field of sunflowers spent the week looking for the sun The Sun that week was resting behind some very fluffy clouds Those at the front of the field wondered where their source of sunlight had gone Those in the middle jostled about, in the hope they’d catch a ray or two A couple turned […]

  • Statue

    I began life as a granite block hewn from a northern cliff – leaving mum wasn’t fun the grand artist and i got on for a while as he and his team chipped away at me creating a monument to a local dignitary it was warm in the workshop and hard as i am his […]

  • Mercury Rises (Again)

    #weather #seasons #summer Maybe there’s a change on the way expectations say – Odin is ready to throw a bolt or two rounded off with a clap of thunder – the weather angels cry at the very thought – particularly when the thermometer is up there in the thirties reality is as the liquid metal […]

  • The Chapel

    #Writephoto #Chapel Inside the castle walls whilst wheat crops are harvested with turnips and all The Lords meet with Bishops in a Building by estate and pray that their souls don’t meet the buildings fate and as sacraments are dealt out in Bread and of Wine The lords of the realm pray that all turns […]

  • At the Starting Line

    #Iminfiction She’s sat on her own waiting. Can’t go off on herself so she’s waiting want’s to go travelling in the northern sunshine off to the sandy beach where everythings sublime but while her owners packing her backpack she’s sat at the start line – waiting.

  • Cookie Monster

    #food #cookies #monster Cake Cooks and bakers everywhere Observe the cupboard biscuit draw carefully Out into the kitchen he’ll prowl – innocently looking for a biscuit – but then Keep munching and munching till the whole packet has gone Its what he does he just can’t help himself Enjoying the packet when he only wanted […]