Character Performance Poetry


An acrostic poem written to a Photo Challenge on

(played around a little with the photo in photoshop!)


Sitting in a dusty hallway
The old grand master sits alone
Expecting someone to play him
In his time – he was a legend
Nobody could beat him for a tune
When his black and white keys played – people listened
As they waited in the lounge – waiting for their room
Years went by, the hotel closed, and he sits there alone

Animals Birds Humour Poetry

The foolhardy keeper



He thought it a doddle

his second year at the zoo

but foolhardy keeper

has plenty to do

keeping attention

of Antarctic birds

hindsight – is brilliant

the fish not in thirds

so he’ll dash around pen

as penguins they peck

at the big fish in the air

as keeper heads for the deck

Historical Industrial Poetry Work World War II

Timber Corps

A poem written by me on the timber corps of World War II

Timber Corps

Hail those ladies of great accord
who took on the mighty scots pine
the ones who were taught to handle great saws
and felled the woods in line
They strained with logs
to create the planks
and soldiers they all
gave their thanks
As the timber corps
strained their backs
moving the woods
for the soldiers shacksThey put in the hours, for a simple meal
the common goal, a worthy appeal
every worker, working like horse
all to aid the war time cause

And one and all
did not complain
working together
to lessen the strain

Astronomy Poetry Science



In response to Moon

It shines bright

with its light

at Night


Man in the Moon

Looks down on the earth

Shining down brightly

on the place of our birth


With two pools for eyes

a nose and a smile

the full moon always

makes me ponder a while

Ghosts Poetry Spooky

Little Ghost

A poem in response to the prompt


A little ghost went out to play

but found the children ran away

when he appeared that hallowed night

and wondered what gave them a fright

He’d been sat all alone in that old spooky house

with no one to speak to but a passing mouse

who after seeing our friend with a squeak

ran off quickly with nowt but an eeek!

But then one night of All Hallows’ eve

an old black cat, was playing in leaves

he had spotted the little ghosts ghostly head

and decided to play in his house instead.

And the old black cat, brought his chums along too,

chanting and wailing and all going boo!

And the ghosties and ghouls that lived round the place

made friends with the ghost with the bluish white face

So when you see trails on All Hallows’ eve

dont be frightened or worried and just believe

as the ghosts have their tea at little ghosts place

the one where the host has a bluish white face

Food Poetry Treat Treats

Golden Syrup Cake


The oven contains my favourite pud

a golden cake of family renowned

served up for after the dinner to eat

with butter and sugar and sultanas that’s good

and often with custard accompanied I’ve found

falling cross syrup and into the bowl

creating a fusion – a real tasty treat

this favourite pudding – the best all around.

Poetry Sport

Capturing that star

In response to Reach


Ready Team ? its time for your moment in the sun.

Everyone is cheering you on – the prize is in sight

As you enter the arena – its fever pitch as

Cohorts of fans – push you towards your ultimate goal

Handling that precious medal of Bronze, Silver or Gold


(Time to capture that star!)


*Note to any wordpress users – Its Olympic Year, and i’m feeling generous!  Want to use this in any way?  Feel Free to do so, all I ask is a link to this page and observe my right as author….Cheers!


Poetry Sports writing



The chance to gain the prize

you’ve done the training

improved your stats

gathered composures

and pinpointed your faults


The prize is in your reach

fame and fortune a short distance away

your competition studied

its just you and that distance

in your way to the gold


will you make it


Family Holidays Poetry Seasons Treat Winter

Lap of Luxury


Sat in the lounge

warming themselves by the log fire

inside the holiday villa

toasted marshmallows and hot, full on flavour

chocolate, to keep out any feel of winds outside

happy little nephews enjoying their evening

Poetry Seasons Summer

A Summery San-San

Along the rose-mounted wall

A lizard rests as he does lie

Summer time the perfect season

amongst coloured flowers? he’s having a ball!

munching on insects – the cricket or fly

enjoying the summer sun – there’s no time to waste!

then resting under palm tree shadow – the reason

to cool off instead of diving in poolside in haste.Lizard