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The Russian Tank

A Stalwart of the Russian Army in World War II - The T-34 was a powerful tank and had a Six man crew
A Stalwart of the Russian Army in World War II –
The T-34 was a powerful tank and had a Six man crew

Greetings , Comrade!

Have we met somewhere before?

I’m a veteran of the second world war…

You’ll recognise my number,

I’m the T-34

In my vast solid frame, worked a brave crew of five

My only aim – was to keep them alive

On Russias front, we fought ‘gainst an enemy foe

My strong tracks moved forward, and away we’d go!

My wheels drove the tracks, like cossacks of old

leaving mighty marks in the snow and the cold

Commander gave orders, and Gunners fired shells

Gunpowder and burning were familiar smells

We fought for our country, and sometimes our meals,

whilst the enemy we fought had other ideals

Their crack soldiers ran when they saw me appear

as my shells would explode wherever they were near.

But Now, i’m retired,

to a home in the west.

Educating Children, quietly

is what i do best.

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The Little White Car

The East German alternative to the VW
The East German alternative to the VW Post WW2 – The Trebant

The little white car,
sits in th’ museum with pride
sitting on a plinth, sat up tall
The car built on the other side of the wall

The Red brigade closed VW down
In East Germany, the owners just sat and frowned,
As the little white car rolled in to town

You had to be creative with a shortage of steel,
but East German workers, would go without meals
as they waited in line, for a vehicle to drive
The Trebant was something, for people to strive.

And as for this car – design you couldn’t knock
the car that was made for the Soviet Bloc.
From Poland to Slovakia they all gave their aid,
in order for the little white car to make th’grade.

As a bit of a Kit – Car, it had fits and starts…
but a positive came from its changeable parts
An engine from Lada, Exhaust – FSO
Just add in some sparkplugs – away you would go

And those with VWs on the west side of th’wall,
would laugh at the little white car most of all.
As a symbol of communism – there in the east,
the little white car – was a toothless beast.

But each owner of one, would sing and rejoice
even if car, was not one of their choice.
as car raised their status – each one raised a voice,
Their little “Trebant” – was their own “Rolls-Royce”

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Little Ol’ Red

The Fire pump issued to the Ferranti Works in World War II
The Fire pump issued to the Ferranti Works in Hollinwood in World War II, Now on Display at Imperial War Museum North, Trafford.

Little Old Red is resting,
he’s done its best.
When the world was at war,
and bombs fell to the floor

These crafty bombs made fire
over concrete and grass
so firecrews met round him
to work they’d amass.

Putting out fires and
protecting from damage,
A meal th’crew would eat
was the most they could manage

And taking their cue,
from the wardens in black
the fire crews stopped fires
from the enemy attack

As Little Red emptied
eighty pools in a day
Keeping the danger
of fire at bay
But now that war’s over
the spotlight’s now on him
as he tells tales of the firemen
that isn’t quite so grim

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Harrier Jump Jet - on display in the Main exhibition space at Imperial War Museum North, Trafford
The Harrier Jump Jet – On display at the front of the Main Exhibition Space, IWM North.


Hello chaps! all you down there
Tis I, the mechanical bird in th’air
protecting you all at night and day
keeping enemy forces at bay

Armed only with the best weaponry –
I carry tactical rockets you see!
But my best qualities are in th’movement in air
passing over forests and mountains wi’ flair

I can take off from ships , both large and of small
my take off system’s the best of them all
One blast from my jets and up i do go
so i can look for the enemy foe

And whether its land, or down on the sea
my pals on the ground are glad to see me
as i help them out, ‘gainst enemy
and provide them some cover from over the trees

And when i’ve provided my air support
i’ll head off back to carrier or port
before a new mission, another sortie
keeping you safe, out over the sea.

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The Field Gun

A poem about the Field Gun, that fired the first shot of World war I. Normally on display at Imperial War Museum North, in Trafford, It’s currently on tour around the commonwealth as part of World War I Centenary Celebrations.

Field Gun - Imperial War Museum North, Manchester
The Field Gun, Currently on a Worldwide tour commemorating World War 1, pictured at its regular home of IWM North in Trafford

It sits in its home
on Parade
its seats as clean as
on the day it were made

Its Armour shines bright
like it looked on day one
but its many a day
its sat in the sun

As it lined up presented
by those men in the ranks
facing the mortars, the mines
and the tanks

As the generals gave order
and it fired the first shell
it started the barrage
and sounded like hell

But now, its retired
Amongst army friends
and teaching those lessons
never really ends

But note as you pass it
as you look back
the hole in its armour
from the enemy attack.

A poem about the Field Gun, that fired the first shot of World war I on display at Imperial War Museum North