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  • Mannequin

    #WWP #Mannequin Call it a teenage obsession peering thru a shop window with the models on show Beauty captured perfectly – in plastic displaying the latest fashions – for mum , nan or even sis Staring at the standing models got more than attention from shop assistants on the display But among the varied crowd […]

  • Kit


    #fowc #kit All the pieces you need for your little engineering project are right here…all you need is the instructions and of course – screwdriver most of the parts clip into place so soon you’ll be watching your little creation learning its way around your floor space just make sure the pieces are in the […]

  • Model

    Posed like a Grecian goddess you stand there. Beauty captured in a Moment by Acrylic paint. Eyes fixed on a point Thinking Will time, or viewers know anything? About me.