Fashion Poetry

Hats and Caps

#Socs #Hats

I’ve always had a thing for a hat

it began quite simply as a kid

when i wore a bobble hat in winter

to keep out the cold

Different Colours

different patterns

different fabrics

different decoration

M2002 Volunteer Cap

Events up and down the land

picked up the fashion

purloining something decidedly northern

as something for the sporty set

So you would pass your guide or marshal

as you’re on your way to your seat

and they’d give you ample direction

as you made your way down the street

Fashion Nature Poetry

Forest Fashion


You could say

its an eye catching design

made from every bit of greenery

in the forest the dressmaker could lay her hands on

the intention for the wearer was clear

an initial big bang – creating the talk

and then through the trees she’d simply walk

as for the gossips there was no fear

because among the forest plants she’d disappear

Character Fashion Model Poetry


#WWP #Mannequin

Photo by Brenner Oliveira on

Call it a teenage obsession

peering thru a shop window

with the models on show

Beauty captured perfectly – in plastic

displaying the latest fashions – for

mum , nan or even sis

Staring at the standing models

got more than attention from

shop assistants on the display

But among the varied crowd

was a single display model

that was more than lifelike

For as the moon rose

and stars they did twink

this model moved – and winked

Was there indeed – something amiss ?

window model – blew a kiss…

Acrostic Fashion Poetry


#fowc #boutique

Photo by Alexandra Maria on

belle of the ball is going out tonight, so

out into town she goes – looking for a pair of killer heels

up into the places that sells those designer names

that everyone talks about in the papers and on tv

in time, after the disco lights have fallen – they’ll seem

quaint, sharing a spot with others on the shoe rack – but

until the office block adopts to fashionista living – they’ll

end up hiding away, till the next fall of the glitterball



#fowc #clique

They’re the one’s who think – they’re the bee’s knees

hanging around the posh squares

going to the latest concerts

wearing the brightest colours

and eating the nouveau cuisine

the exclusivity of this little club

means you’ll see them in Cafe-bars and not in Pubs

the latest style – they just have to buy

and that new oriental pickled noodle – they just have to try

and all of the fashions they’ve found – you’ll hear them shout

for if you aren’t in their clique – you’re out.

Colours Fashion Poetry


#fowc #subtle

It had to be said, the fashionistas in your crowd

didn’t like you in that shirt

the colour was too deep

for you – they said

But that never stopped you

for the next morning you returned

wearing something new

or so they said

Same shirt, Brighter pants

Subtle changes made them glance

As the girls all cheers your latest style

and the boys all hung round for a while

Fashion Poetry


#fowc #rare

Really, searching for that dress ? is

as likely as locating rocking horse doo-dah!

reality is finding that golden thread is going to be difficult

expect disappointments along the way

Clothes Fashion Poetry


#FOWC #Suit

Suit – Created in Painter by Inky

Shirt and Tie, Jacket and Trousers

Usually set out like everyone else at school or in the office

It identifies you as a member of the company, but when

That moment comes, you can’t wait for your T-shirt and Jeans

Fashion Poetry


#Fowc #Bargain

If it’s what you’re after

its the deal of the day

you’re keeping half the price

in your little pink purse

for getting to wear all

of that little black dress

Fashion Music Poetry


In response to Fandango’s One word Challenge

They say if you can remember the sixties – you weren’t there

but fashion’s a fickle thing

Millennials walking down to the disco

in an homage to their Mums and dads

with some wide flares and knee high boots

listening and dancing to tunes on played on vinyl

that mum danced with dad when they were young

there’s something missing with that digital stuff

no feel, snap , crackle or pop

hearing the groove from the record player – its top!