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  • Waiting


    #MLMM She’s Waiting She’s Waiting by the platform She’s Waiting for a Train She’s Waiting for the train She’s Waiting for a particular train but for now – She’s Waiting She’s waiting to get to a place on the coast a place as a child she enjoyed the most a place that was way off […]

  • Travel Issues

    Travel Issues

    #promptuarium #travelissues #snow I A winters snowfall in the middle of spring was, how can you put it ? surprising II emergency scarves coats and gloves distributed from the boot to front and back seats III Waiting for the repair truck along with the others while sat in the white stuff going nowhere IV The […]

  • Out of Time

    Out of Time

    #Napowrimo #time Salford 22nd April 2021 The preparations had been perfect but now the grains of sand were quickly falling away running like an olympian to catch the tram to the station indescribable feelings as you watched the golden tram rolling down the rail towards your destination so you sit, with your bag and your […]

  • After the wait

    After the wait

    #waiting #napowrimo #railway #delays #writeclub After the wait A scribble by brian f kirkham I Stood in a queue lining up waiting over five whole minutes – to get a ticket Movement outrageously slow vexed passengers explode verbally – turning air blue II Sips of transported tea inspire few at the transport cafe longing for […]

  • Liquid

    #fowc #Liquid I Like rain it drops into the water below quite gracefully umbrellas not required it’s used to clean your cutlery dinner plates and all II Freshly Squeezed from ripened berries up in the trees or bushes it’s the hiding place for vitamins and minerals tasty – and good for you III Enough fuel […]

  • In the corner

    In the corner

    #Socs #Inthecorner I A Hub of ideas technology, reading, and leisure pondering over which of them will be read or listened to First II Bag, ready to travel North south east or west journeying with essential items things that cannot be left behind at home III Tallest of the conifers protecting the smaller plants from […]

  • Getting Out

    #Travel #Worship #Places Salford 6th December 2020 Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, to do something i do nearly every Sunday Go to Mass It’s the start of the church year – Advent, but nobody thought about worship when the restrictions (about Covid-19) kicked in I’m now part of the Cathedral Parish […]

  • Vapor

    #Fowc #Vapor clouds of something intoxicating travel through northern skies broken up by the wind but caught in transit by those innocently flying by

  • Waiting

    #Promptuarium Where she’s heading – nobody knows as she sits waiting for her connection indications on the ticket give a rough idea till you mention other ways out of the station in a sprawling web of transport links navigation could lead to Macclesfield or Scarborough getting there – requires a train – it hasn’t arrived […]

  • Time Travelling Tourist

    #Promptuarium Taking a look at the airport departure board often a dilemma for the most seasoned traveller unless of course you’re waiting for the right moment rolling up for the open portal in time to land at your destination soft white sands and warm summer waters taken in the blink of an eye