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  • Crossroads II

    Crossroads II

    Life a series of twists and turns some you make for yourself then…some are made for you in time – you come to a crossroads with new choices to make …. do you go down a new path – or stick to the path you’ve travelled? ! that’s a decision only you can make

  • A thought on Flight

    A thought on Flight

    #Poetry #Flight #writeclub like a host of enthusiastic raindrops passing the window with colour like an apple and pear racing to reach the grass below like that fruit falling into a copper pan and resting on a pie crust like a host of travelling blossoms moved along by the wind like a worm dropping from […]

  • Breeze

    They’re off on a journey Travelling by air Through skies of blue The destination – yet unknown That depends on the breeze they chase The arrival time – when the wind drops Then they’ll take a siesta, in The nearest spot of soil Till time awakens them all and Their new flowers appear They may […]

  • Waiting for the ferry

    #wdys Something strange in these sun covered streets, there’s no one around but the locals the medicine man said stay at home so in centrally heated houses they stay away from the sun covered shores the artworks and postcards sit solitary while cafe sombreros swing in the soft summer breeze with no one to hear […]

  • Thinking of Breakfast

    Thinking of Breakfast

    #writeclub #breakfast Up all night travelling in their magnificent chariot making their way to their destination Thinking of breakfast Driving to Penzance from John – o – Groats looking to fill the stomachs and throats Thinking of breakfast Dropping off cargo, at a rendezvous point all the time thinking, of a roasted lamb joint or […]

  • Car


    #writeclub #adventure A car is not an Adventure though it could just get you there saving you the shoe leather or even the bus fare It gets you there from A to B using the various road and track Travelling down endless steel railed paths and buckets of flattened tarmac It’d be great – if […]

  • Adventure


    #writeclub #listpoem Adventure comes from a small leather case stepping onto the plane and heading to a place well out of normal reach definately not your normal nearby beach imagining how happy you will be sat with your mum on dad – on a spot by the sea

  • Stifado


    #Food #Greek #Dish #Beef #Cinnamon An acrostic, written in honour of a dish i enjoyed a lot of during my travels to the greek islands. Served up in a traditional greek pot Traditionally cooked up with beef, tomatoes and onions It’s usually served up with some sort of pasta Fresh bay leaves, cinnamon And all […]

  • Trinkets


    #fowc #trinkets Tiny little things reminding you of places in the UK or abroad where you navigated towards on holiday kept mementoes of events in time tallied together so you don’t forget them

  • Slope


    The golf pro landed the ball downhill all seemed well that was until aided by the grass or on its own perhaps by wind it was blown down the slope , and into a trap into the sand, in a moments snap the ball was rescued by his sand wedge only to find its self […]