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I remember in school

being given a time tables square

we’d sit in class

and for five minutes

go over the tables

over and over again

We’d make things

from Balsa and clay

and off to mum and dad

we’d take them away

but unlike times tables

the creations were made – our way

I was in a store – the other day

and took an interest of plates and jars

all looking the same with patterns, dots and bars

no element of craft – all made by machine

I don’t think my Art teacher – would be so keen

Clothes Domestic Poetry

Out of Sight, and Out of Mind

A poem by Brian F Kirkham in response to the Daily Prompt


That dirty little secret,

hiding in plain view

has built up over time now

It isn’t something new.


No one is going to find it

(Deodorant Masks it you know)

But those tales that you’ve been telling

the secrets going to blow!


Its built up over time now

in the corner with some ease

as nobody knows where you hid it

you’ve been doing as you pleased


The smell of old socks is still round now

and the t-shirt ? well, it needs a break!

we all know that its your favorite

but its started to smell overbaked!


Ignore the classroom gossip

you’ve got to keep them keen

so isn’t it time to put that laundry

into the washing machine?

Acrostic Domestic Home


in response to the daily post prompt


Coming down the stairs is a terribly dangerous thing.

As you descend the steps with your oversized bag,

Reality of the situation is not if but when its going to happen

Expect tears, tantrums, and occasional cross word

Featuring in the coming conversation…

Unless that is, you split the job in two or three bits, allowing you to

Look ahead and see what’s coming – avoiding the marbles.

Cooking Domestic Food

Chocolate Cake

Following on from my post on Lemon Meringue Pie, Here’s a recipe for a Chocolate Cake.


For this cake : You will Need

2lb of Flour

2lb of Sugar

1lb of Butter

3 heaped teaspoons of Baking Powder

Cocoa Powder and /or Chocolate



Mix flour and the butter together, and then the sugar and the baking powder

then Stir in the Cocoa and/or fresh chocolate to the mix

Once mixed together – place in a greased tin and put in a warm oven for 1 hour

After baking let stand, and decorate to your choosing.


Animals Character Domestic Poetry

Clarence, the Cat

Clarence, the old ginger tom,

is quite a funny cat.

Sleeping under stars at night

and diving into this and that.

You’ll hear him scowling at the cars

or staring up at the moon and stars

and though he likes to snooze at night

that doesn’t stop him having fights

When on his way – he’ll walk for miles

but locals always look and smile

he stops at kerbside – taking care

as cars on the road from everywhere

He knows all of the local shops

and to their owners off he pops

He likes his fish, and loves his meat

and fish guts are a special treat.

If desperate – he’ll go and catch a mouse

and leave it somewhere in the house

But you’ll only know – and only hail

if you find that mouse’s tail

When he’s pampered and well fed,

he’ll move his striped paws off to bed.

Dreaming of fish and birds and that –

Clarence, our dear old pussy cat.