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A City United

As a sporting Volunteer in the county, I’ve had the honour of helping out at some great venues throughout Greater Manchester.

Manchester City – Etihad Stadium (c) Brian F Kirkham

This painting was created in Corel Painter Essentials by me.


It’s of the City of Manchester Stadium (or as the Manchester City Fans now know it, The Etihad).  The current home to Manchester City Football Club and the site of the Commonwealth Games Athletics Competition in 2002…I’ve helped out here on a number of occasions as an Event Volunteer.  Favourite moment ? Helping out at the UEFA Cup Final when Glasgow Rangers played Zenit St Petersberg of Russia.

Nearby is the Regional Athletic Arena – which hosts major athletic events in the summer season.  As a member of Sale Harriers Volunteer Squad, I assist judges with Marking and retrieving items during field competition.

Manchester United – Old Trafford Stadium (C) Brian F Kirkham

This second painting was created in Adobe photoshop and is of Old Trafford Football Ground – Home to Manchester United Football Club and one of the venues used at the 2012 Olympic Games during the Football Competition.  I was a team leader for the ambassadors lining the route to the stadium on this one. Saved one or two taking on Manchester’s Rush Hour to get to the stadium.  Cheers, Chants, Vuvuzelas and songs – all in support of the world’s best playing in Manchester – for Olympic Gold

And my favourite fans I greeted to the stadium ?  Has to be the Brazilian Team!

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What do you do all day?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

It’s a similar question to “Why do you blog?”

The impetus to start writing the blog came as a device to bring all my writings together with the drawings and photos currently stored on my humble little laptop.

My attempts to get my writing out so far has proved to be successful to a limit – as I’ve appeared in lots of publications, but it hasn’t brought untold riches – do to the nature of the presses I work with.

I’m due to appear in the second edition of the Great British Write Off – having entered and had accepted my poem I wrote on Sunsets

Example of the publication I provide pieces for!
Example of the publication I provide pieces for!

It’s satisfying to know I’ve had some success – as the boys and girls at and Forward Poetry continue to accept my work in their publications

Meanwhile I continue to subscribe to the boards…as well as help out at sporting events around Greater Manchester.



Back in 2012 – I deputised for London 2012’s Ambassador Team, where I was given a position of Team Leader.  It was fortunate I was there – Brazil’s Paralympic Squads for the Sitting Volleyball and Wheelchair Basketball were staying at Manchester during their training and the gaffer in charge of the venue was appreciative of my help.  I’d previously helped out at the world cup event for both events in the run up to the Paralympics – and knew about the rules of the sports and running of the court…so I hit the ground running – organising the court crews.

In addition – after a well earned dinner – I wrote a piece or two for the storytellers project for BT.

As a reward – we received a celebratory baton as a thank you.

After the Games I got involved with Sale Harriers, and have been helping out between Sportcity Manchester and IWM North ever since.

My vollie role at the museum also sees me running about (a bit) – I’m a guide on both the ground and first floors! Fortunately I don’t have to do both at the same time.

I also help answer questions on using the family history section on the ground floor.

Sport Volunteering

My Treasured Possessions

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.”

This one is a bit of a tough question to ponder, over the years i’ve collected a number of certificates to do with either Education and Training – leading eventually to the award of a HND from Manchester Metropolitan University.  I went through the Graduation Ceremony and the picture for a time hung happily in the lounge in the family home.

but as much effort i put in – that wasn’t my most cherished possessions


Those would have to be the Medal and Certificate issued to me during Manchester’s Commonwealth Games (working in Technology) and the Relay Baton and Certificate issued to me during the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, where i was involved in Manchester in a number of roles,  From helping run the crew room as a steward during the Olympic Football Competition to helping the Aussie Olympic Team in their Training.  During the Paralympics – I was at Manchester University helping organise the team assisting the Brazil Paralympic Squad – Namely the Sitting Volleyball Team and the Wheelchair Basketball Team.


The staff were really glad to have me on board – I’d had prior knowledge of both sports during my volunteering at the IPC Paralympic world cup, an official Paralympic competition held in the run up to London hosting the Paralympic Games – I helped set up the courts at the training venue and briefed the squads on their duties

For my efforts i recieved a certificate and a baton – and thanks from both sets of athletes.

Badminton Racquet Sport

Badminton (Revised)

Shuttlecock - Used in Badminton Games, Drawn from stock art by inky
Shuttlecock , used in badminton games – created from stock by inky.

Shuttlecock ascending

at the start of mornings play

the new day of contests

is underway

Flitting ‘tween posts

from Morning and Night

shuttle passes at speed

like a bird in flight

Backwards and Forwards

Forwards and Back

Player defends his green

as opponent attacks

High in the air,

up the shuttle goes.

between the two foes,

away it goes

Till the momentum falls,

and the shuttle descends

to the floor of green

and the umpire (between)

calls it IN or OUT

(guided by line judges

gathered about)

And the trophy it shines

as it sits behind the lines

and players play for the prize

Quite Grand in Size.

Learning Poetry Sport Sports


A poem on challenge by yours truly.

A set of Hurdles

Hurdles are there,

to give you a test

an Obstacle to conquer

Just do your best

Normally found

on a school or sports field

they appear in new ways

to try make you yield

Beginning really small,

when you’re a girl or a boy

when all that you care for

is your favourite toy

Writing up letters

Tying up laces

learning to add up

and knowing new places

Standing up tall, and learning to play –

Having some fun in your own special way

knowing whats good, and what’s bad to eat,

saving those pennies for a special treat.

Meeting new friends who are growing like you

facing new challenges to learn and to do

Heading off camping, striking off on your own

Putting up tents in a team or alone

All this and more – you’ll pick up in your youth

I’ll tell you no lies – I’m telling the truth.

When going ‘cross hurdles – if truth can be told,

The prize is a good one – more precious than gold