Birds Poetry

Roof of sparrows

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Construction began Simply enough

a small nest for Mr sparrow and his family

nesting in the eves

the nest made of twigs mud and bracken

and other different leaves

Mr Sparrows brother moved in

and soon it looked like the terrace below

and little uns acted like the kiddies

Moving too and fro

Birds Garden Nature

Hop to Flight

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The gardeners have been in

taking off tree branches

with extreme pruning

They say its to keep

the tree roots hid underneath

from tearing up the grass

The trees for their part

keep on growing

reaching for the sky

meanwhile birds and squirrels all

are hopping mad

as they’ve further to climb

Acrostic Birds


#napowrimo #acrostic

Positioned on the top of the neighbours roof

every day they

rest their talons on an aerial or tile

closely observing what the

humans have left for them

excitedly, they spot the bright yellow kernels

divebombing the position where they’ve been left

Animals Birds Cities Poetry

Feathers in a flap

Napowrimo day 17

Falcon, bird of prey

Feast your eyes, while I tell you a tale

While we’ve all been indoors, the birds without fail

Have landed en-masse in the public squares

And landing on rooftops without a care

There once was an answer, keeping birds in check

But till he returns, theyve darned us to heck

Leaving a real mess out on the street

Leaving the cleaners a challenging feat

They say if he comes back, the pigeons will flee

But till then, they sit on rooftops with glee

So look up at the skies, as he returns with stealth

On a mission to improve the citizens health


Animals Birds

Sunset Orange

As the sun popped down

below the water, the seagulls wondered why

the waters they were playing in – had a new colour applied

see while the waters were azure blue – it was easy for them to fish

the water turned to orangeade, the marine life had their wish

so instead of getting soaking wet

they let the fishes turn loose

waiting for the morning tide

when the waters weren’t orange juice

Acrostic Animals Birds


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Birds at the Alfresco eating (Image C/o

someone’s been out again

the evidence is there – for

round and about – despite restriction

every feathered friend for about a mile is

engaged in trying to get

their share of the edible gold, that’s

simply sat, saying “I’m Here”

Birds Colours Garden Poetry


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Robin (colour pencil drawing by inky)

You can’t miss this happy chappie

perched as he is on the nearest bit of wood

with his reddish hues he’s clear to see

and yet very few get close

for he guards his spot twenty four-seven

hopping and landing on the green lawn

to grab an early worm

Birds Poetry

Birds on a church spire

Church with Spire (Image C/o Pixabay)

Salford and Manchester, March 1st 2021

Welcome! they chirp

to the grandest birdhouse anywhere around

the previous owners left a while back

and there’s plenty of room to build a grand nest

with five floors to move around – there’s space to rest

feed your brood and practice

the fine arts of swooping , flying and landing

as lots of nearby eateries and baths

so we keep clean and full on our way to our next destination

and from high up here, we can see all the moggies

choosing to land on lawns by the doggies

Birds Garden Lockdown poems Nature

Up above

Salford, 11th February 2021

Somethings afoot

as the birds are becoming restless

leaping off their ceramic perches and

flying headlong into the birdbaths of locals gardens

occasionally, they’ll land on the turf or trees

resting on a branch or two – or even a fence

devouring the birdseed someone has left for them

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Acrostic Birds Colours Garden Poetry


#cyw #scarlet #Reds

Sat perched outside in the garden, it was

Clear to most of the nested tenants – you were new

As with your bright red feathers – you

Really attracted attention, from felines and twitchers alike

Luckily for you, your new home is much like your old

Elevated and lofty, and out of

The reach of the most determined cat