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  • Trails

    #socs #trails Finding a way out of the trees and back to your campsite is easy if you know how use of sticks, stones and leaves on the path to where you’re going to leaves you with an aide memoire for people wanting to follow you (It also assists, if you’re making your way back)

  • Den

    #Writephoto #Outdoors #Camping #Scouts It wasn’t the easiest of shelters for young scouts to construct finding wood that wasn’t attached to a tree was a difficult task in itself Take the wrong kind of material and you would attract some serious attention if not from the leaders guiding you then the camp warden in charge […]

  • The new scout section

    The new scout section

    #scouts #squirrels #beavers #cubs #ventures #explorers #network Imagine my surprise to see something to make me smile at tea reminding me of a place that brought a smile upon my face I was once a young cub scout and played with others and learned about making things, and knots and tents and camping outside, quite […]

  • Backwoods Stew

    Backwoods Stew

    #Scouts #Cubs #Beavers #Supper The ingredients were simple enough, Taters in the embers of some dying beechwood Corned beef, Some Carrots and a very big onion Butter for frying, and some stock cubes for flavour The Metallic billy can protected by the finest washing liquid as flames licked the sides of the can As the […]

  • Unfurl

    Unfurl 17th August 2017 Middlewood scout camp, Worsley, Salford Maybe it was in the act of “doing our duty” that the dedication of raising and lowering the union flag each day at camp, reminded those little or big, to “do their best” even in the smallest of acts – from washing the pots , to […]

  • hike

    Hike preparation done his backpack full a day on the hillside its never that dull   Planned out a walk cross moorland and hill And stopping at reservoir watching time stand still   Following a way that’s old as Time he’s having a packed lunch when his watch does chime   Armed with a compass […]

  • Knots

    #Napowrimo #Day17 #Knots #Blogging101 A Dictionary poem for #Day17 of the Napowrimo challenge.  Based on my old scouting days! enjoy.   Don’t get stressed, in time – you’ll master it creating an artform from two ends of rope bridges don’t need wood or metal but a few simple knots Reef Knot, Clove and Timber Hitch […]

  • A Tale of Old Boots

    In a part of the corridor, just by the stairs by the front door, lies a pair of Old Black Boots. It’s been quite a while since they have been walking. Their leather is worn from the passing of time… Source: A Tale of Old Boots

  • Fires a Burning

    Another piece for the daily post prompt Smoke also appears at The sun went asleep, upon the moon break and the light from a match began to awake starting to burn the bark from a tree whilst little one’s watch with their cuppas with glee The bark it alights and begins to glow, producing […]