Category: Animals

  • Off the Hook

    An acrostic poem on fish – from my notebooks – enjoy Fish fly up the stream In expectation that they Should spawn their offspring Hopefully Freely Swimming in the water blue Is a small nipper fish with its Seventy-Seven brothers and Sisters Hoping to avoid the small child’s net For every free fish in the […]

  • Web

    Something for Halloween – hope you all had an enjoyable night Witches enjoy the company of big furry spiders, as very Few escape the beauty of the trap weaved enthusiastically behind a curtain White threads, Delicately Placed Every Flies nightmare Beckons. With each wiry strand Each spider awaits his or her Breakfast

  • The Frog

    the frog sits up high under shade – a forest palm watching you, and me hopping under leaves the perfect shelter for frog from the daytime sun hard days work in the warm summer sun, now leaping for cool dark shadows and up in the leaves the frog he raises a smile he cannot be […]

  • Tiggers of the Deep

    Down in the deep blue a family of tiger fish settle down for their dinner. And lights from passing starfish allow Tiggers of the deep to enjoy their nice lunch then go off to sleep. As Dogfish, Catfish and Crustaceans all decide to have a night-time ball as they make a late night excursion to […]

  • Saharan Squabble

    Two great ships of the desert argued on the sand about which one of them was the most grand “I’m bigger than you” – said the ellie to the camel said the camel “I’m faster – now cut out your flannel!” “I carry people” – said the camel with pride “so do I ” – […]

  • Brown Bears Surprise

    Another Bronze-winning piece of poetry from my page on Allpoetry – enjoy! Imagine this if you please A brown bear invited to take some teas with his pals the polar bears I guess you would say it would raise some stares So into the village town he’ll go for an outfit that wont show in […]

  • Edinburgh Zoo

    I went to the zoo today, and saw a sleepy tigger with stripey paws and a lion with great big claws but that wasn’t everything i saw today.… Went to the zoo today, saw a Golden bear swinging from a tree, and monkeys and gibbons eating their tea, and penguins underwater – looking at me! […]

  • On a Mission

    On a Mission

    Poem that appeared in “Writers Cramp” in 2010, For BASIC The pigeon is skipping down the lane,on a Mission.He’s looking for that bit of fish,from the open sardine tin,left by the daytripperat St Francis’ Basin. Or the Half Eaten Sandwich,Left in the binsBy the Designerat the Outlet by Salford Quays And passing snow geese can […]

  • A Tale of a Lizard

    A Tale of a Lizard

    When it’s 40 Degrees in the shade, and you are in a Turkish Hotel ?  What do you do?  Go Lizard Spotting, of Course. I first met this fellow hanging around on a wall outside my hotel bedroom in Oledeniz.  He was there in the Long grass above the Ground Floor apartment, and popped his […]

  • A New Nest

    A poem by me, published in the Allpoetry publication – “Reflected Memories”, about a nearby redevelopment and the birds who lived on the roof a new nest As the humans left The old Victorian building Squatters moved in To take their place The new owners Took a shine at first To their feathered friends But […]