Garden Nature Photography Poetry


This poem written by me, first appeared in the forward poetry title : New Beginnings.

I’ve given it a little polish and decided to share – enjoy.


Daffodils, Enchanted Garden, BASIC, Salford


Like their glass friends

The humble garden bulb

Has sat quietly

All Winter.


It’s waited for the signs,

The first melted ice

The dropping snow

or the returning birds


Prepared for the moment

that spring in the air

And that special time

The sun hits the ground


And as those first warm rays

Drop onto the ground

It pops up a shoot

And takes a look round


Then it drinks up the sun

and lets colour – explode!

Giving some beauty

to a home owners abode

Seasons Spring Weather Winter


In response to the daily post prompt Seasons

Allegedly, its supposed to be Spring in the UK right now.

I say this due to the arrival of Ash Wednesday in the Churches, the birds returning from their holiday homes in the South of the globe, and a much clearer and bluer sky above my head.

However, despite wispy white stratus clouds replacing the Cirrus and Cumulo-Nimbus clouds you get this side of winter – the clear blue skies come with a definite nip in the morning air

This leads to a retreat to my bedroom quilt, or another button being upped on the house thermostat.

Wispy White Clouds over Salford

Winter is hanging on for dear life, and throwing what it can at people as much as it can get away with it….Proof can be found on the Kitchen thermometer that hangs near the fridge.  Normally at a comfortable height due to pleasant temperatures – its mercury has gone into retreat.

Roll on March – and (Hopefully) Spring.

Acrostic Poetry Space


Never have I seen something so Blue

Even the clearest sea on earth seems faded

Perhaps the stars collected

To produce this gem of a planet

Under the gaze of the telescope, you’ve

Never seen anything like it – its truly



Named after the god of the sea, at the

Edge of our solar system

Possibly the bluest planet in space

Taken as the last spot before the dwarf planets

Until you

Navigate beyond the

Envelope of our Solar System’s map

Acrostic Astronomy Poetry Space


hubble-saturn-1Saturn’s rings are seen turning in space

And its rocks that form them turn with some grace –

To and Fro, the rings go around and around, whilst

Under its rings is a satellite found

Red and yellow clouds pass on by, forming

New rainbows in Saturn’s coloured sky

Astronomy Poetry Space

Satellites of Jupiter

A tale that first appeared on about Space,  the Large planet, Jupiter and his “Children”, the moons.

Io and her siblings sail round their dad,
telling of what a time they’ve had.
Each one giving each other a mention
as they try to get their fathers attention.

They whirl around him at a pace
out in the deep dark depths of space
playing with elements and watching them melt
and watching them fly towards the asteroid belt

As Ganymede watches his sister pass,
She playfully throws up clouds of sulphuric gas.
Callisto flies past his fathers red eye,
and sees sister,Europa passing by

She smiles at her dad, to her siblings, Hello!
and then with a quick turn, away she goes
and whilst all the children are having their fun
on the tiny cousin earth, the day has begun

Acrostic Humour Space


The red planet of Mars

Has for years gained attention of

Every industrial nation on the earth

Year on Year, they send up machines – “Explorers” in their

Rockets – looking for life on our neighbouring planet.

Each time they land – on the

Hard red surface , the machines take samples –

In the slightest chance, they find something (or someone)

Down on the distinct destination

In case you think, I’ve seen a little green man – I

Never have (apart from Saturday morning cartoons)

Got to admit – I don’t think i’ll see one either


(for the reason why – look down the column….)

Astronomy Poetry Space

Out There in Space

A tale inspired by the rockets and explorers currently exploring the solar system

They say there’s life beyond our star
Up there in the deep night blue
We sent up men to outer space
We searched all the planet’s…there wasn’t a trace

And looking out we all thought why
Those visitors from mars should drop in and say hi
For when we sent robots to visit their place
We searched all their planet’s…there wasn’t a trace

So from hour to day the satellites race
Sending back signals to our little blue place
Hoping they’ll send a message through the sky
In attempt to make friends … And maybe say hi

Birds Garden Nature Poetry


Down, in the forest, in established wood

A sapling now stands where an acorn once stood

He sat on the floor of green in the park

And ran his own gauntlet during day and the dark

Avoiding squirrels and dogs that would bark

And soon he’ll grow tall, reaching up into the sky

And up to his branches the birds they will fly.

As birds fly back from the east to the west

To create a new home in the tree that’s the best.


Family Food Home

Fish for Dinner!

We had a fish and chip dinner for our tea tonight.

My little sister came from home to visit with one of my two nephews,

and we played games and watched films on the telly till it was time for his bedtime.

The delights of watching a little un watching LEGO Batman on a Flat screen…

Running commentary – he’s played the videogame 🙂

Big Smiles all round.


Braising Steak

18th feb 2016, Salford.


I’ve just had the most yummiest of evening meals

(Apologies if there are any vegetarians reading this passage!)

The meal’s cooking and preparation started just as I made my way to Imperial War Museum North.  Dad took a pack of braising steak, sprayed a little oil on it, added two stock cubes – and a little water and left it in the oven on a low temperature.

Meanwhile – I was at the museum, assisting with visitor enquiries

Upon my return, I was greeted by pots of green vegetables, Potatoes and Yams all cooking away on the hob.  A glorious smell was coming from the oven.

From time to time, Dad returned to the oven to turn the meat when necessary.  By now the water in the pan had mixed with the fat from the meat and the stock cubes to create a delicious gravy.

It was served up at tea time with the vegetables – end result – empty plates