Fossils Poetry


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In the rush for fossil oil and gas

people have been a bit of an ass

the drillers don’t mind what mess they make

or even the tremors the movements or quakes

they’re throwing their cash – to drill down the ground

in hope that a prize of riches can be found

whilst the chemicals get into the waterways

and gas jumps around into the pipes – and plays.

It gets into the water supply….

and you look at the drillers and wonder why?

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Stalagmites and Stalactites

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Water moves, winding on

through the open mouth

of a mountain cave


Each drop makes its way

carving grooves in the roof

dropping gently on the floor


Lucky drops cascade down

transported to colourful rocks

at the waterfalls end


Those drops left behind

Cling to the rock

making dragons teeth shine


As moonlight falls on

these pearly whites – minerals

hold on for dear life



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Fossils, Trilobytes in rock , C/0 Bing Images

Caught in a moment

by time in a rock

To this creature of the deep

it must be a shock

The old sea snail rests

by the sands of the bay

stoic and silent

with nothing to say

It’s given up swimming

in the waters of blue

nested in th’ rock face

with others there too

In its time our dear seasnail

had plenty to say

but its not with its cousins

in the water of the bay

Its encased in the stone

on the shore (known as lime)

that built up in th’past

(or prehistoric time)

But the children on the shore

to the sand dunes they flock

to see sea-snail resting

in its home in the rock