Acrostic Nature Witches


#fowc #wand #witch #wizard


When you see one of these things

a thought of magic comes to mind

note : it’s been made from a branch of a tree

does it have its own lifeforce ? – probably


Waving it about – isn’t advised

an air of caution needs to be applied

never point it in anger – it’s

dangerous if you use it in the wrong way


Witches and Wizards

apply their spells – harnessing

natures power with this magic



When using remember

a Wand chooses it’s user –

not the other way round…..treat it well, or it might

drop you…..

Cats Ghosts Halloween Poetry Witches

Little Ghost’s Tale

A little ghost came out to play
but found the children ran away
When he appeared that Hallowed Night
He wandered what gave them a fright

He’d been alone in that old spooky house,
with no one to talk to but a passing mouse
who after seeing little ghost wi a squeak
ran off quickly with an eek!

But then one night of New Years Eve,
an old black cat, were playing in leaves…
He spotted little ghosts ghostly head
and decided to play in his house instead.

And the old black cat, brought his chums too
chanting and wailing and all going BOO!
and the ghosties and ghouls all round the place
made friends with the ghost wi’ the bluish white face

So when you see trails on All Hallows Eve,
Don’t be frightened, Don’t worry, Just believe
as the ghosts have their tea at Little Ghosts Place,
the one where the host has a bluish white face