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My Home town has plenty of green space to go at…

Two canals, a river network that runs up northern tributaries to Lancashire, and south towards Cheshire

These canals and rivers meet up near the old dock at Salford Quays, formerly “Manchester Docks”, I walk that way when I either head for the tram bound for Eccles or when i’m on duty at the Northern Branch of the Imperial War Museum


Narrowboats at Castlefield’s Canal Basin – Part of the Canal Network


The Canal itself leads on through Manchester and other parts of the county.

The opportunities by the waterside have seen the waterways cleaned up and provide leisure for people all year round.  Narrow boats are a regular sight on the canal network, and moorings line the route all the way to the point where the Irwell and Mersey meet


Roman Wall & Sheep_Painting
Roman Wall, at Castlefield, Manchester

Opposite the Canal Basin at Castlefield lie the Forum where open air events take place, The Museum of Science and Industry, with its Engines, Cars, and Aeroplanes and the Roman Wall, where the Roman Fort remains are in situ.

Iwm Waterside



The Lowry in Salford – Topic of the poem “The Musical Place”



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The Roman Wall

Roman Wall & Sheep_Painting
Roman Wall & Sheep_Painting

A Tale inspired by the re-constructed Roman fort at Manchester’s Urban Heritage Park – Castlefield.

Ave! Dear old Friend!

Welcome, sit down.

Rest your feet for a while in our Garrison Town.

You’ve arrived at Mamuncium

Our “Castle – in – the – Field”

In a place, where we Romans

Don’t often yield.

We have a great legion,

Five hundred men strong

to service the Emperor Hadrian’s wall

which in truth , that’s quite long

And when sun’s down we head off to Deva

to go and have fun for the night

Relaxing after a hard days soldering

watching the gladiators fight.