Back to school

There was a sullen look over breakfast

Samantha pushed her bacon and eggs around the plate

Summertime was over – it was the start of a new term

“Do I have to go” she pleaded,

at the person opposite her at the table

“I could always say i’m not well….”

The newspaper opposite her ruffled

“well that’s a fine state of affairs…..” came the voice from behind it

the children alongside her giggled as they munched on their toast

“Its Not FAIR!” she moaned – thinking back to forty eight hours ago

she’d been much happier – soaking up the sun on a warm sandy beach

A pair of eyes peered over the newspaper

“Look – if it makes you happy – i’ll drive you into work today…”

she thought of turning up at the school gates in the 4 x 4 in the garage

“Well….that’d be nice”

“I’m sure it would be – for the kids….beside’s you’ve got to go to school”


“You’re the Headmistress!!!!”

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