The bears move house

The new residents

As regular readers of my blog will know, I’ve been shifting things around to accommodate my new bits of aerial artwork, namely my quickbuild planes from airfix

They’re now all happily parked on the top of my bookshelves, so when little paws show up with my sister…they won’t get accidentally broken

However, this has meant the little Disney toys I picked up from the Disney store in Manchester have had to find a new spot to sit.

Pooh bear and chums, in their new home

They’re now sat on a lower bookshelf looking after the books, which they’re sat in front of. This means my nephews can pick them up and play with them as they want, without disturbing any of the squadron.

P51 Mustang chasing Messerschmitt

Acrostic Collecting



One of a kind ? Definitely!

round here, you won’t see another one

its possible you could copy it … but this jewel has

got something about it …

its definition

never seen elsewhere

around the

lakes, mountains and caves of the area

Art Collecting Poetry Stamps

First Day Covers

I find it truly amazing

fellow artists

send magnificence

delivered from hand to hand

and cascade to the floor

through my door

the recipients ecstatic

at the colourful print

give out a hint –

They want more

And so, without fail

they search out the sale

the latest editions from Royal Mail