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Scribbles in Notebooks

Pens and Pencils

Salford , 18th July 2016

“Just a humble little scribble from my notebooks”

I like writing and drawing, and though i’ll never be the next big thing when it comes to these artforms – I still find them helpful in my never ending mission to concentrate the mind.


Roman Ruins 2, Oledeniz
Pen Drawing, Roman Ruins, Oledeniz, Turkey


Whenever i’m off somewhere nowadays – I take my kit of supplies with me – notebook (A5) , pencils and paper, Bridge Camera, SD Cards, travel card , cash and not forgetting – supplies for lunch.

I get to my intended destination – I’ll have my lunch, find a suitable vantage point and begin recording what I see.  Sometimes – it’ll be a poem or verse, and others – it’ll be a photo or a drawing.  The inspiration comes from what I see.   The process, concentrates the mind.  As the basic forms take shape on the page – either in word, or in drawing – ideas come alive on the page

Roman Wall & Sheep_Painting
Impressionist painting of the Roman Wall, Castlefield, Manchester (c) Brian F Kirkham 2015

When I get home – I’ll play around with the scribbles and drawings.  Thanks to my laptop I now have two marvellous sets of tools to turn my images into artworks – I principally use Adobe photoshop elements, but also use Corel’s Painter Essentials suite for its wide range of brushes.

Of course, if I want to use the time to concentrate – the computer gets switched off – the box of paints comes out and i’ll put something together from my notebook drawings onto my painting pad in Coloured pencil, pastels, watercolours or even oils


Painting of IWM North, Brian F Kirkham, Salford 2015




Memory Rehabilitation

Memory workshop

As part of my Rehabilitation , the helpful chaps at Salford Royal referred me to

the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, at Stott Lane – just over the railway bridge by the hospital building.

Whilst I continue with the volunteering ‘tween Imperial war Museum North, and Manchester’s Sportcity, the workshop has given me valuable help in how to improve my memory skills.  The group comes from all walks of life, each affected by a Brain Injury or condition.  We talk about different ways of using our memory – sharing tips and tricks.  Today’s session saw the group discussing attention, and we did a few exercises in the session to get a good cognitive workout.

This involved picking out words from a list on a theme and  following numbers given verbally to draw a picture – some may say they’d find dot to dot easy but when the speed increased, it was quite tricky to do.