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  • Hidden message

    Hidden message

    from inkdrops repository at The green dollar billContains a lesson for allWho uses or spends Hidden away silentOn its folds and its edgesShort words of caution Lessons of learningDelivered by the banksIn a hidden form Prized by the manyHoarded by the blessed fewMessage for all here The root of all evil ?Every single greenbackTells […]

  • Clandestine

    #Fowc #Clandestine It started discreetly one or two meeting in a bar and having laughs over what they’d do if they were in charge A couple of weeks later they’d found a space away from their office to make their plans Back in the bar they sought out support some came from the rallying cry […]

  • belligerent

    #fowc #belligerent Statesmen like ? hardly sat by his plinth, like someone had confiscated his toy basket all they wanted, was the facts all they got was bluster to the max as the virus spreaded, and reacts reports he wasn’t listening to positions he stuck himself like glue his collegues wandering what to do ? […]

  • Vapid

    #Fowc #Vapid While the man on the telly drones on the audience sit there – in a trance and while you scream at the TV in utter frustration the “experts” continue – till the crowd hear another voice Hardly the best thing to educate the mind – but lunch has been served

  • Anyone

    #Fowc #Anyone The ambitious young upstart looking at his boss watched with envy as the boss handed out the cash and the rest played with their building blocks Anyone could do that! – the upstart cried and plotted his way to his bosses seat sending his boss to a personal hell and soon from his […]

  • Partisan

    #fowc #partisan I They never were the strongarmed type but something had to give as a wave of protest moved down the main street II The feet moved down the tarmac from the air they looked like the sea The sound building like a roar passing by the windows III The banners moved on forward […]

  • Glass Houses

    An acrostic by Inky on the saying “People in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones”   Sat in their opulence A testimony to predecessors past Your citizens watch – in amazement – and disgust In the spectacle they see in front of them No real solutions – just constant mud slinging Gentlemen, ladies ? – noble […]

  • Radical Red

      Revolutionary an idea – that a colour could influence a change democratic principles inked out in radical shades of red could it be the passions of those men and women wearing it all across the land, that displays its colour loud and proud ? Up and down the land ?

  • Protest

    Protest Perhaps now – the time for talking is over. Rally the people behind you Organise your grievances Together, there’s enough of you to Engage with the ones who are doing you wrong Someone has to listen to you – and occasionally Talk to you in order to hear your point of view.

  • Sincere

    Sincere   Since you found the need to write it I’ve looked over your pen – letter Never before have I read such venom Created by the sharpness of your quill Even now, with your poison consumed, I question your Real intention behind each word…Do you really care? Expect a firestorm.