Sunshine Blog Award

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Salford 19th February 2020

Ok folks – it’s that time again – just finished another artwork (analogue not digital) and found a note that i’d been nominated for another one of these Awards!

(Now where’s that speech?…..Hee Hee!)

Cheers to Linda over at Some Photoblog for the nomination….

And as protocol insists….here’s my answers to her questions

  1. Which fictional romantic pairing is your favourite (can be non-canon)?

It’s got to be Han Solo and Princess Leia (Star Wars) – surely ?

2 Which movie can you never get tired of, no matter how many times you watch it?

So Many Films – So Little Time…..Animal Crackers (Marx Brothers)

3 What is your favourite hot drink?

Hot Chocolate…..posted enough about it – Here

4 If you could wake up tomorrow being fluent in one language, which language would you choose?

Mandarin Chinese

5 Have you ever felt like you could never forgive someone? (Reveal as much as you are comfortable with).

OFTEN – However, it’s not worth the anxiety or the stomach ulcer, – as it goes in that Disney Film – Frozen – Let it go……

6 What was your favourite music artist or band in your teenage years?

So Many, So little time…..Stevie Wonder , the Housemartins, or Phil Collins

7 What stupid question or comment are you tired of hearing from people?

“You don’t Look Disabled”… response I’m just going to send you Here

8 Who is your celebrity crush?

So Many….So little Time….. Alex Jones (BBCs One Show)

9 Unpopular Opinion?

Other than Brexit was a car crash ? See point five

10 Favorite subject at school ?

Computing – I learned my trade on an old BBC “B” Microcomputer and did my GCSE coursework using its Viewdata Software

11 What to be grateful for in the last 12 Months ?

People reading my stuff and appreciating my posts, Continuing opportunities on the Volunteering, and my Health isn’t going down hill.

Now that’s out of the way

here’s a few questions of my own

1 You have the run of the biggest collection of books in the world – which one do you read

2 What kind of traveller are you ?

3 Favourite Sport ?

4 Sandwiches – What’s Your Favourite ?

5 What was the last record you listened to before reading this ?

6 Favourite Activity ? (Keep it Clean (sic))

7 You have your run of your own private plane for a week – where do you go?

8 Who’s your favourite Comedian ?

9 You are out on a meal with the person from Q8 – what do you order ?

10 If you were picked for your Olympic Team – What’s your Discipline ?

I’m throwing this list open to anyone who wants to answer it …..

Cheerio for Now – and enjoy answering

Inky 🙂

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