Daily writing prompt
What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today?
Photo by Syed Qaarif Andrabi on Pexels.com

True, you can call me old

but i still hold my shape

and cut a fair sight

against those young whippersnappers alongside me

With Spring seemingly here

and summer peeking a beady eye

through the darkened clouds

it seems strange – you’d pull me out now

but look outside the window

weather patterns change

The sun might spread

its wonderous beams making it nice and hot

but i’m the cover against the wind

the rain and the falling mercury at night

And when there’s a nip in the summer air

you’ll be grateful i’m around

putting me over your head

without a sound

Published by inkdropk

Born and Bred in Salford, England - I live a short distance from Old Trafford - Home to Manchester United Football Club. I volunteer at Sale Harriers athletic club and at Imperial War Museum North - where i help as a guide to visitors in the galleries. A blogger, photographer, volunteer and occasional writer.

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