The Hole

#hole #street #road

It began innocently enough

big red signs at the junctions

where side streets joined the road

simply stating “Footpath Closed”

When the sun had gone to sleep

and the crows were in their nests

slowly, the machines

began creeping

Amber lights passing

bedroom windows as they slept

before builders stopped

for a midnight feast

Past double glazed Windows

gentle rumblings of jackhammers

descended in the air

men of the highway – busy at play

So come Daybreak, when little uns were going to school

their mum and dad’s had to follow new rules

closures denoted on footpaths in red

and signs out in yellow to go down instead

But delays for the little uns – wasn’t really right

it was giving headmaster a sleepless night.

so they installed a pelican – a minimal fix

so the kids didn’t turn up in morning at six

And as for the hole? well, the rain it did fall

and the hole took it in , raindrops, puddles and all

and the starlings and skylarks were having a ball

diving into the birdbath off the rooftops and walls

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