The 5.15

A scribble from my notebook (the aquamarine one), An attempt at Haiku, which turned into something else – hope you like the read.

The 5.15

By Brian F Kirkham


She sits on the bench

Awaiting the arrival

of the 5.15


Last train for Matlock,

Left in a swift moment

So she sits and waits


Cinders Abandoned,

No Prince Charming by platform

To cover from rain


Looking Left and Right

Appearance of a Knight

Arriving on time


Perhaps it was fate

That Drew her eyes not to wait

To make move, Check – Mate ?



  1. LOVE THIS INKWELL!!! Yes, the Haiku style poetry is a combination of math and word art. (I struggle to bring one to life!) I love what you wrote! “All things work for good…!” Haiku or not, it’s beautiful!! blessings, denise


    1. Cheers Denise – Inkdrop ‘ere! (must stop droppin’ my h’s :)) popping a few of my favorite bits of work to those who haven’t seen the stuff on allpoetry/foreward poetry.

      Liked by 1 person

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