Chocolate Fix

No Apologies

In response to the Daily post prompt : No Apologies

Name one guilty pleasure , you don’t feel guilty about anymore

Now, here’s a dilemma

I could say Chocolate Bars – not just any chocolate bars though, they have to be Cadbury’s and it has to be Bournville – Dark and Instant gratification from the first nibble.  I’d purchase a bar and within the walk ‘tween the shop and home – i’d have wolfed the lot before opening the door

I Haven’t had a bar for a while now but it’s really difficult with all the shops selling the barred cargo….

But instead, I’ve transferred my attentions to another form of chocolate.

I should have seen it coming – I passed the specialist coffee shop in the local shopping mall and saw these lovely tubs of delight on sale in the shop.  There were plenty of flavours to go at

Chocolate , Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Toffee, Chilli Chocolate, Mint, Orange, BanoffeeStrawberry, Crème Brulee ,Coffee….

I bought three cartons – and that was it…

Magical Mug
A Mug of something magical – normally my mug of hot cocoa from whittards!!!

Captured by the heavenly scents that rise up when Hot Milk meets Cocoa.

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