A Blogger, Unplugged

Bloggers, Unplugged

Salford, November 2015

I’ve got to freely admit – I’m kind of New to this blogging thing.

However , it works in parallel with my other writing habit – poetry

So, when the need arises – the laptop i’m typing at now gets turned off…

(right now – dedicated bloggers reading this are either screaming, wailing, weeping or a combination of all three…if it’s the last one – SNAP OUT OF IT!)

I’ll pack my satchel – with some writing/drawing material and some hand made sandwiches (normally Corned Beef with HP sauce, or Chicken with Cranberry), and my Camera (with spare batteries – Just in Case) .  My Ipod gives me something to listen to if I decide to take a longer journey

And then with Satchel Packed, and Wallet, Phone and Bus Pass to hand, I’ll head into the wild blue yonder (Normally via Greater Manchester’s Metrolink Service or nearest Bus) and take in the scenery of the parks and gardens the place I call home has to offer.

Take my railcard with me – I could be on the sands within half an hour.

It refreshes the batteries , particularly if its kite-flying weather.

(An Old Spruce is bending in the back garden as i’m typing this – if it wasn’t for the clouds above – i’d be outside today)

And then once refreshed – I’ll head back home

With A Smile, and a happy heart

and perhaps a doodle or scribble for a future blog….

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