Badminton Racquet Sport

Badminton (Revised)

Shuttlecock - Used in Badminton Games, Drawn from stock art by inky
Shuttlecock , used in badminton games – created from stock by inky.

Shuttlecock ascending

at the start of mornings play

the new day of contests

is underway

Flitting ‘tween posts

from Morning and Night

shuttle passes at speed

like a bird in flight

Backwards and Forwards

Forwards and Back

Player defends his green

as opponent attacks

High in the air,

up the shuttle goes.

between the two foes,

away it goes

Till the momentum falls,

and the shuttle descends

to the floor of green

and the umpire (between)

calls it IN or OUT

(guided by line judges

gathered about)

And the trophy it shines

as it sits behind the lines

and players play for the prize

Quite Grand in Size.