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Brother and Sister Moon (Image created in Nightcafe by Inky)

Mother earth had two children

who liked to play in space

they’d hop and jump around their mum

and enjoy their own little place

But then one day, little moon spoke up

“I wanna go out and explore!”

further than she’d ever gone

beyond her own little door

And so, while her brother stayed close by

she wondered off to play

circling off in an orbit

off in her own little way

Some years went by in her wondering

and Mother wondered if she’d see her at all

till sometime round about christmas last year

Mum and dad got a surprise call

For out in the Earths distant orbit

returned a familiar sight

as she surprised her bigger brother

with a bright “Peek a boo” late at night

Published by inkdropk

Born and Bred in Salford, England - I live a short distance from Old Trafford - Home to Manchester United Football Club. I volunteer at Sale Harriers athletic club and at Imperial War Museum North - where i help as a guide to visitors in the galleries. A blogger, photographer, volunteer and occasional writer.

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