A Small Crime


a writeclub piece by inky

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In their own way

the bank staff declared

an unofficial holiday

Bold as brass – they walked out with sass

with all the copper pennies

increasing the cost of the sweet shops

the 99p shops and chemmies

for while they were living the high life

with the money that they had pinched

the storeholders had to recoup their loss

and the shoppers – they all flinched

for as 1p turned to 2p,

2p turned to five

and 10p treats rose to 50p

with kids screaming “Man Alive!”

2 thoughts on “A Small Crime

  1. Oo what’s writeclub? Or do those that take part in writeclub not talk about writeclub – haha. Another great entry. Thank you so much for sharing. KL ❤


  2. A little side interest when i’m not using prompts from wordpress KL! came up early in the week so after posting to the guys and girls on the board – i decided to share with my wordpress chums too!!! 🙂


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