The Dry Tide

a piece by b.f.kirkham

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Chaos! – The post it Sea……

It started with a post-it note

a simple square post-it note

coloured bright blue

so the recipient could read it

the sender popped it on the corner of the screen

so the recipient could read it

A second blue post it note

was placed alongside it

a little darker in tone

maybe so the recipient would read it

the second sender thought – making it darker

might make the recipient read it first

Day followed hour – and the post it notes spread

covering the screen like a papernote bed

behind the bed the monitor did go

and its fans moved the post it notes – to and fro

with the lights from the monitor – it looked like a wave

and soon that is how the post-its behaved

Recipient returned to the monitor screen

the rainbow of messages – he wasn’t too keen

but as he moved to see a chink of light

careful as he was – and try as he might

the post-its cascaded in a wave on his spot

over his keyboard like a colourful blot

So for two days straight, he worked night and day

answering the post-it messages, no time to play

making the calls that he should have done first

and answering queries with his best not his worst

as the colours made way, and enquiries disappeared

his pathway to his keyboard, was at last cleared

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