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He’d left his spot on the quarterdeck

and headed for holodeck five

a place where the men of the spacecraft

went to loosen up and jive

He enjoyed the sound of the old times

of Oasis, New Order and Blur

and joined up with others of the crew

who did of course concur

They dressed up in their blue jeans

their parkas and their trainers

for an all night dance in the holodeck

a total entertainer

But as the watch was grooving away

Outside forces were at play

and as the clock began to chime

they move through a split in time

They ended up on a Northern Street

dressed in their parkas and trainer clad feet

and followed the sounds to a neon sign

a place familiar – in the right time

How they’d got there is anyones guess

Back at the spaceship – there’s a heck of a mess

The engineers haven’t even begun

so the watch will go eat, dance and have fun.

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