WDYS – Superheroes

Superman and Batman – by the beach

Batman had took Superman for a day off by the beach

“So Superman how are you enjoying your time by the sands?”

Superman thought carefully – “Its nice, but i can’t help think someone’s in peril out there”

Batman looked surprised – “Don’t you ever take a day off?”

“Well, when i took Lois up to Krypton that one time……”

“Yeah….But other than that……”

“Well, er no – i suppose its in our job description……”

“Listen – i’ve had a word with Spidey – the Marvel Crew are doing our shift for this week….they’ve got Wonder Woman’s number should they need us…..Fancy another Ice Cream?”

“OK – but I want an Orange pop this time – this green one’s reminding me of home!”

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