After the wait

#waiting #napowrimo #railway #delays #writeclub

After the wait

A scribble by brian f kirkham


Stood in a queue

lining up waiting

over five

whole minutes – to get a ticket


outrageously slow

vexed passengers

explode verbally – turning air blue


Sips of

transported tea

inspire few at the transport cafe

longing for the buffet car

lunch – a network rail packed sandwich

Wilted lettace,

and chicken

ina bright and spicy sauce –

the filling in between two bits of wholemeal

thats not exactly pullman service

it’s a stop gap while you wait for the

next carriages to

get here


A chorus of cheers, on Platform five

reaction to the sound of the locomotive

rolling down the rails

in a few minutes – passengers all

vexed by the lateness of their engine will

all be chomping on a five star

luncheon – on their way to Leicester

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