Birdsong (Summer)

No rumble of traffic

No noise in the street

Not many people

Navigating the street

But somewhere in th’ treetops

swaying in the air

families of birds are

chatting away there

Singing ’bout blue skies

and the weather that’s greet

while on mobile’s behind the glass

the humans all tweet

3 thoughts on “Birdsong (Summer)

    • Cheers for your thoughts Bella! – working on the blog more now because of this UK Lockdown….appreciating the finer things in life, my scribbles, my photos, and Beefburger pizza….feel free to take a look at the new stuff.

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      • Yes this lock down is making us see beauty in all things we may not have noticed before.

        I will look at your new posts too.

        I started a YouTube channel just to create training video on the block editor for those having to move across to to the block editor. I certainly had no want to create a youtube channel.. lockdown is making us grow in ways we had no clue

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