The Photographers Tears

Photography, Poetry

Salford 1st September

#photography #poetry

Note to the reader : this piece may be about photography – but doesn’t contain any !

I lament the loss of film

happy was I when as a child,

I headed for the campsites, rugged and wild

Armed with my Cartridge camera case

and carefully choosing, taking pictures of place

Leaving work for the man in the processing lab

making photos with chemicals –  I thought it were fab

till one day i’d noticed – a computer in store

and I wondered what it was there for ?

The film it did – change – the cartridge got small

now hanging up panoramic shots on the wall

as machines took the cartridge – producing the pics

and the time to produce was cut in a fix,

But then that all passed on – with the microchips

0s and 1s stored the pics with a pip

Secure Digital the buzzword the kids liked to say

photography looked like – it had lost its way

For while it produced some wonderful sights

the storage it held, had a bit of a bite

for the power it drained , cameras poor battery

and the images stored – were sometimes set free!

3 thoughts on “The Photographers Tears

  1. I like this a lot. It has layers, in the sense that it has both lines of humour but maintains a constant feel of melancholy throughout.

    Liked by 1 person

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