Off on another Bee Hunt

Off on another Bee Hunt

Manchester 26th July 2018

#beeinthecity #Manchester #Bee #Travel #art

“We’re going on a bee hunt”….Winnie-the-Pooh in Manchester,  July 2018

I took myself off on a Metrolink today, on the search for more Bees on the #Beesinthecity trail

The tram took me into Manchesters centre…but i stopped at Manchester Central where i spotted the first of my city bees

All of the photographs were taken in the city centre with my Nikon D3100….enjoy!


Creating a #Buzz at Manchester Central

Bling Bee outside Manchester Central
Buzzwig van-Beethoven, outside the Bridgewater Hall
Buzzi, by the central library
This is Manchester!
Rutherford Bee, celebrating science
Dazzle Bee, in the Atrium of Central Library
AuBee, outside Piccadilly Station
Rubee, in Piccadilly Gardens


Bee United, Outside Old Trafford


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