Nose in a book

Salford, 18th June 2018

With all the books on my shelf in my bedroom/office it was hard for me to pick one for this submission to the website

There is however a reworked gem that, at nighttime I can’t seem to put down at the moment.

Its dragons at crumbling castle and other stories….and I’ll tell you why

Once you’ve got past the tale of how a young servant brokered a deal tween the knights of the round table and some fire breathing dragons you’ll come across the tale of the very little chaps that live deep down in the fibres of your rug or carpet…the carpet people.

A second volume details the workings of a witch and her modern day transport…a vacuum cleaner! And the tales of the goings on in the Wild West (of wales)

And then there’s the tale of TOM, a computer…who wrote a letter to Santa Claus, and wound up getting a visit from the jolly man in the red suit himself….and got a very special gift (for a two year old)

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