Another award…..

Salford 20th March 2018

hi folks.  The fabulous author of The romantic quill has put me forward for another liebster award, thanks Lupa for the honour….and Boys and girls feel free to check out her great site

now as protocol follows, I’ve got some questions to answer….
When creative writing, do you completely rely on your imagination or lift off from real life or both? If both, how much of which?

This actually depends on what I’m writing about…some characters I’ve created come straight from my head, whilst others are based on real life individuals

(ii) In fiction, what is more important to you – plots or characters? Please elaborate.

good characters make a story…each of my characters has to have their own codex, what makes the character come to life

(iii) Which author/writer do you most wish to emulate in your work and why?

oooh…..there’s so many 😀 but I’d guess if I can type out a Piece like Robert Rankin, Jasper Fforde or Sir Terry Pratchett ….I’ll be pretty chuffed

(iv) If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why? Non-human characters are also welcome.

i have an affinity with that bear of very little brain…Winnie the Pooh, but I could also be everyone’s favourite troll philosopher….sargeant detritus from Terry pratchetts discworld

(v) Which medium/platform(s) do you rely on to find out about the latest books, read book reviews, etc.?

kindle and the kindle app on iPad

(vi) How do you really feel about romance novels?

given I tried my hand at writing one recently….I do like reading them, they take a back shelf to the sci fi and travelogue though

(vii) What are your most and least favorite things about blogging? Why?

both answers…coming up with new stuff for the reader

(viii) Which of your blog posts is your personal favorite and why?

my Portuguese travelogue…..eleven days in the summer sun.  I composed it in ink on holiday in Albufeira, and took the photographs as part of the final post.

(ix) What would be your perfect day?

Fish and Chips, on a seaside bench on a blue sky day

(x) What was your favorite subject in school and why?

english, it’s what got me started on the comprehension

(xi) If it were up to you, what would you add to the school curriculum/syllabus for future generations? Why?

two things ….. coding and cooking…both valuable life skills.

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