She had a presence

as she entered the room

everyone stopped

and watched for a minute

as she descended the stairs

Flowing satin covered carpet and marble

and the attendants found the lady a chair

as she enjoyed an evening tea

with those in high society

The young princes wanted their chance

with the elegant lass – and romance

as she danced with the man of her dreams

under spotlights – she and him were a team

And nobody knew –

that the young lady

chatting to Lords and ladies

would be their humble servant by morning

at the roadside services

7 thoughts on “Elegance

      1. Well, there’s plenty of that on my site, as I transfer the workings of my notebooks (that’s pen and paper) on to here in order to share it. My only proviso….read it by all means, share it if you must, but if you want to use it in any form….be courteous enough to ask….don’t like putting out the cease and desist requests but people plonking my stuff on their webs is a little bit rude imho.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am renowned for my courteous model of behaviour so you should cease your worries and I, myself is against plagiarism. By the way talking about good reads, I would also like to flaunt about my blog. Do peep in, sometime 😉
        Enigma 🙂


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