#CFFC #LetterI

We start with the title of this website for this challenge – the #inkwell composed by your host #Inkdrop


Now some of you might not have read my explanation of my pen name.  I was handed my first fountain pen at the tender age of ten.  Just before my entry into the big wide jungle known as high school.  I dabbled with the fountain pen all for five years in an attempt to improve my handwriting, positives – it kinda worked, it also got me noticed by the young ladies in the common room

In order to get inspiration i’d do doodles with my fountain pen.  forming ideas through pictures

or occasional splats…..pressure applied to the brass nib made the ink flow – or occassionally – drop.

One response to “Ink”

  1. I was taught to write with fountain pens in italic at primary school which looked great until we went to secondary school. The other schools had taught joined up with biro so I kept falling behind, italic writing with fountain pens was so much slower.

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