Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Window

Salford 18th September

Poem borrowed from my page at

A tale a bit crafty, a bit religious, but all by me

Artwork created at Craft Sessions at Brain & Spinal Injury Charity in Salford.

As the Sun comes up,

its light shines through

the panels of coloured glass

angling the now coloured light

painting a picture,

of scenes on a floor

And as the sun shines,

through that brightly coloured window

reds cast with yellows

and greens cast with blues

as molten lead holds on tightly,

keeping the picture alive

Duck window

6 responses to “Stained Glass Window”

  1. Stained glass does have a particular draw. Nice poetry,nice notion of keeping the picture alive. I like Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows, the blues that evaporate all the sunshine but hold the story and keep the panels in motion.
    Interesting post!

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    • I’ve had an interest in Stained Glass for a while now mark, ever since producing my own stuff (albeit in resin) at college (a while back!). I always keep a look out for it when im visiting heritage sites. Memorial windows are of particular interest with my connection to the war museum in manchester.


    • Mark – you will have memorial glassworks and statues in Oxford – the key is to knowing just where they are. Check out the UK National Inventory of War Memorials – that will let you search out memorials in your location and tell you where they are. Its been brought into the Imperial War Museums Website for convenience – so you can find it at – Hope this helps

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      • Ah, i meant stained glass ones – but you’re probably right, some are tucked away unfortunately. But thank you, this is pretty interesting; i didn’t know there was this search option. There is quite a prominent one in St.Giles in Oxford. Glad i found your blog!


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