#Coloryourworld #cyw #Shadow

He’s there by day (and sometimes at night),
Follows round me like a puppy – but doesn’t bite.
On Night streets, he’s home before I reach gate,
arrives in the morning, he’s never late.
I see him on Curtains, on walls and on doors
in front of me on lawns and pavements and floors
He bends around hallways, and up and down stairs
and sometimes, he catches people unawares…
See, depending on time of day, and the sun,
my shadow and I can have some great fun.
As the sun rises up, he grows from my feet…
and you can see him quite clearly – right down th’ street.
But, the thing is, and here’s where I’ll give thee some news
My shadow isn’t really attached to my shoes.
So, at Night time – he disappears – when I’m resting my head
and reappears quickly when I get out of bed!

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